So today was a big stinking rally in support of the UBC T.A.s. It was an attempt to end the strike. I do not like the strike. I would like school to go back to normal and for someone, anyone, to mark my midterms. The university has been spending a lot of money and effort to tell its students that the T.A.s are way out of line. The T.A.s have no money, which I suppose is part of the point, but they are spending a lot of time to tell us that the University is lying to us. I am taking both sides with a barrel of salt, and yet, the T.A.s have many strong points.

I have a real problem with the University campaigning against their own students.

And there was cake at the rally. In tribute to Martha Piper saying "let them eat cake".

The T.A.s are being asked to live on $6000/yr. It occured to me that I live on that much.

The T.A.s want more money and a discount on tuition. Which they deserve.

However, that money is going to come from my pocket. As a lowly undergrad, I am a pion and a pawn. I suppose that is redundant.

But there was cake.

Mostly I am mad that Martha Piper's kids get free tuition. And she makes $350 000/yr. If my parents made that much, they could afford to send me to school.

And why does she get $350 000/yr? I have a real problem with anybody making that much money. What are you going to do with that much money? Buy another car? Another house? Another country?

I live on $6000/yr, after the tuition I pay. I take the bus.

I have a lot of possessions and a nice place to live and enough food.

Of course, I am only supporting myself.

The T.A.s can't expect to support a family on their wages. They shouldn't. I am sorry, but that is the truth. I just want the strike to be over.

The only way this can happen is if the University actually agrees to bargain with the T.A.s.

Halfway through the rally, I left. I went to class. The T.A.s began to picket the building I was in, while I was inside. It felt really creepy. Like I was trapped inside. I didn't want to cross the line, but I had to leave....

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