4:00pm, the deadline of all deadlines. I had to get my manuscript in for the CRWR program here at school. And I did. With half an hour to spare - and I filled all the forms in right. And they're all in matching bright red folders. I am convinced it was the bright red folder than got me in last time. Here's hoping.

I won't find out until the end of may. Which is when the non-wussy camping trip is. so, that weekend, I will either be overjoyed and drunk or miserable and drunk. ha.

I just want to scream. WWWWWWWHHHEEEEE!!!! This is my big secret. No one knows I've applied except for the faculty itself and you guys. It's easier this way - I won't have to tell people that I didn't get in.

Which I won't, of course. My submission was crap and the only thing holding it together is the nice photocopier paper and the fifty cent bright red folder.