So yesterday it was bright and sun-shiny and quite lovely, and i had a fantastic case of writer's block, as is my wont, and i had use of my mother's car. so i leapt up, took my books in hand and scampered out the door and up the steps to the driveway, where my mother's car was blocking the landlady's, who incidentally was about to pull out. so i did a little jump up the steps, tripped over nothing and went full speed into the pavement.

i fell on my hands and knees, now isn't that an image - i skinned both of my knees for the first time in 10 years or more, got a nice bit of road rash on my right palm, but my left.

oh, my poor left palm, you are so scratched. you are missing bits of flesh and you have dirt in you. Oh palm, who art getting infected and who oozes pus like the great grand mississippi. how does one spell pus-sy? i do not know.

I went inside and took a full twenty minutes to clean myself up, and I obviously did not do a very good job, since it's now infected. There is pus everywhere. It soaks through band-aids. It hurts to write. :(