9:11, march 2, 2001. the skytrain said 'ding, the next station is, edmonds. ding, the next station is, edmonds.'
it's my mother's birthday. i forgot. not that it was her birthday, but that february only has 28 days.
it's raining. i'm depressed.
i also have terrible terrible cramps. like a thousand knives stabbing into me. this is not typical.
dressing like a slut cheers me up when i discovered that i've gained weight.
to the people who have had to look at me today, i'm sorry.
i want a cigarette
i saw a boy on the bus with the bluest eyes that i've ever seen on a real person.
i haven't eaten yet. maybe i should. campus food sucks.
it's not even noon. things had better get better.

thirty seconds after i wrote this, i find out my bestest bud didn't get into ubc. fuck.