cocktails for two,
some knives and some forks,
peas, mashed potatoes,
a large mound of pork,
oh can't you see,
in my love-eyes, it's time,
to dim the lights,
and chill the ham.

-Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

--- This is my daylog about my life at this point. At this point in my life I have...gotten myself a job. After six-or-more unsuccessful interviews for jobs that would have been rewarding and that I was fully qualified and suited for, I broke down and applied for a few burger-flipping positions. You see, I am also qualified to flip burgers. I have a pulse.

It's more than just flipping burgers, it's flipping burgers and sandwiches and other yummy things for a hockey camp during the day and a bar in the evenings. I get free yummy food, like hamburgers with pineapple on them. Bad news for this aspiring vegetarian. The acting manager/head bartender is super yummy too, and as soon as the real boss comes back from vacation, I will have a secret crush on the cute bartender. I think the world needs more secret crushes. I think people would be happier if they all had a secret, silly infatuation with someone they don't know. Of course, I also think that mismatched socks are a good idea, so what do I know?

Also, in this point in my life, I read P_I's last daylog, and started to get all mad, cursing under my breath about lazy, naïve trust-funded children, and then I realised that I am working just enough to make ends meet, on purpose. All of the jobs I wanted would have paid me less for the summer than this one will, and they were 60+ hours/wk, whereas flipping burgers will be 25 hrs, maybe. That's a substancial difference. And therefore I came to the conclusion that the whole work-less idea isn't so bad...yous guys should read the daylog from yesterday. figure out what I am talking about.

So, at this point in my life, I have two months ahead of me with very little that I have to do, and lots of big empty spaces on my calendar to sit around and contemplate my navel. Or, send off the postcard fictions I wrote. Or, take a greyhound to Portland to see Neko Case play, or road trip to Ashland to see a play, outdoors in the exact duplicate of the Globe Theatre. Or, stay home and become re-aquainted with my bicycle. Or, finally give to Sally Ann some of my less useful possessions. Or, cleanse. Or, visit the hippies on the Sunshine Coast. Or, lucid dream. Or, swing dance. Or...