canada day. i hope it's happy where ever you are. but most of the world, sorry. i don't care about you today. it's just dem canajins i be carin aboot today, eh. have a happy one. party. blow shit up.
it's three am, but i can tell mostly that this one will suck. i've been home alone all weekend, all my people have either forgotten me or have taken off for places that aren't here. i wanted to go see fireworks tonight, but forgot to book the night off work. drat. i also wanted to go to festivities at the airport. that probably won't happen, unless the friend who promised to phone me this weekend actually phones me. my fingers aren't crossed.
but on the bright side, what. this weekend has made me realise what a horrible work-a-holic i can be, and how wonderful i am at alienating all my friends. yay. now i have no work and no friends and no fambly. and i can't fill the void by buying material things. i need to save my pennies for that glorious labour day weekend when i assert my independance and move from happy country girl ville, to city slum. yay.