After reading the first few writeups that I contributed here, I realised that I used to have a lot more confidence in my lame teenage artsy-fartsy-wannabe-ness. what happened to that? i do not know. i think maybe university killed it. I'd like it back please. do you think they'll give it to my when i graduate, or drop out, or move to Ireland.

the boy who likes me told me that he likes me, and that he's "having those kind of feelings", and has been questioning me about my past relationships. apparently, since all the quasi-serious ones have been ended abruptly and without valid reason by yours truly, he's afraid that i'll end up hurting him. which, is sad. and probably true. i probably will hurt him. i will probably hurt everyone who dares to love me and end up alone. but i've accepted this. this isn't whining, these are mere facts.

and the boy i had a crush on, and whom i fear i still do, and whom i had my chicas phone whilst i was drunk, phoned me the other day, left a nice message and wants me to phone him. curses.

meanwhile, i tired of this so-called education and yearn to do something meaningful with my life. sort of.