was the year I survived dental implants
    the year I stopped shaving my legs
    the year my best friend moved far far away and we acknowledged that we were best friends
    the year I spent 8 months hating the place I lived, but didn't move out
    the year i met noders
    the year I tried (unsuccessfully) to leave e2 once and for all
    the year I couldn't get a job stamping hands at an amusement park
    the year I learned to make cotton candy
    the year my boss told me I seemed very much at home at kindergarten
    the year my female roommate fell in love with a girl
    the year my Nana told me she was proud of me
    the year I had flambe in my father's hometown
    the year I made peace with my parents
    the year I became a Scout Leader
    the year I got my first credit card(s)
    the year I went to my first country bar
    the year I drove all the way to Gold Bridge to turn down a job
    the year I didn't cry on New Year's Eve for the first time ever.
    The year I decided I might have kids after all
    The year I didn't go to Ireland
    The year I didn't go to Dalhousie
    The year I didn't apply to Cambridge
    The year I didn't buy a car
    The year I destroyed my camera and bought a better one

    the year I leave the continent?
    the year I move to Vancouver
    the year I give 85% of my possessions to the Salvation Army
    the year I go camping with noders
    the year I transfer to another University
    the year I get accepted to the creative writing faculty
    the year I learn to be a bartender
    the year I go out swing dancing on a regular basis
    the year I make my family proud of me...
    the year I quit e2?