I know you don't really care, but I do.
Today Lucy was crying, because she wanted to be partnered with a girl. (they have to be in partners to cross the street). Usually, she'd be paired with her best friend Helena. There were four girls in the class, now there are three. Three is a crowd. Helena has moved back to China with her family.
So I am a girl, and I'm not Helena, but I offered to be Lucy's partner, and to hold her hand as she crossed the street. She accepted, but at the same time, started crying. No gradual buildup, just huge teardrops falling from her eyelashes, not even from her eyes, as she sobbed quietly and pressed her face against my pantleg.

The real teacher got mad at Lucy, and told her there was no reason to cry.

So we get back to the classroom, and Lucy is told to either stop crying or go to the naproom and sleep it off, which she does. Her tears can be heard through the door, and nobody seems to care. She cries herself to sleep, wakes up, comes out of the naproom, and when she sees me, runs to give me a big hug. Lucy and I are friends, after all.

She gets in trouble again, but later I notice that the real teacher is doing everything she can to comfort Lucy the way I seem to be able to.

After lunch, Lucy was happy again. Food makes everything better. And on my way out, she gave me another hug, looked up at me and said "A kiss!". I leaned down, and smacked a fake kiss on her cheek, and she reciprocated. I wonder where the fine line is between comforting a crying five-year-old and leaving yourself vulnerable to accusation of child abuse.

and its raining, and i discover gortex isn't waterproof, and cotton absorbs water like nothing else, and my teeth might all need to be root canaled, except for the ones that need pulling, and if you love this planet got quite a few people pissed at me for not finishing my research, and my sinuses ache, and there's a midterm tommorrow, and my roommate is insane, crazy, i'm afraid for her, and there's war everywhere, i'm prepared to chain myself to trees but not nuclear bombs, and, and, and....