So I got home late last night, and she was on the couch. The alphabet magnets said "in a foul mood, sorry in advance". We have alphabet magnets on the fridge. And she had almost-dry blood all over her arms, and there were razorblades on the arm of the couch.

She heard me come in, and got up, and tried to pretend like she was happy. Or, at least, not cutting herself. But she had blood all over her arms, and I pointed to it, and she didn't say anything, she changed the subject.

What do I do about this? What can I do? She didn't wash the blood off of her arms, I tried so hard to just pretend it was okay. (this is how i cope with things). How do I deal with this? I am not emotionally capable of handling this. I am not.

My mother told me not to let her problems become my problems. My mother is worried about her and I becoming two very depressed chickies who try to use each other as life preservers and our combined weight drags us to the bottom.

So I've been thinking about what I can do. Normally, I'd tell her parents or tell her to tell her parents and they'd help her get help. But her parents aren't here, they're far far away. I'm the one babysitting now. It's either my responsiblity or hers. She's already been at this point. Except before, she went to therapy and took the drugs. She's on the drugs now, but I am convinced that they're not helping.

What do I do? help