today i noticed that i was a little battered, a little bruised. not emotionally, although there might be some of that too, but no. i am scraped up like a little kid...

starting with my right hand. i have a big scabby burn on the back, right above the first knuckle on my middle finger. i touched the top of the oven when i was making dinner and although i know my shit, and did all the proper first aid things, the oven was so damn hot that the would-be blister broke immediatly. there's going to be a scar.

i also have a nasty papercut from the other day when i was stacking short stories. it's right on the webby part between my thumb and pointer finger. some people pierce that. i would, but i need my hands..

my arms are fairly okay. scarred, but nothing recent enough that it might heal and go away. um, what else. my feet, the skin on them is all broken and raw. i think that might have come from walking around the underground parking without shoes or socks. i also have a former-blister now scab on my heel from my old shoes that bite me.

i have a big fat bruise on my thigh though, and that's what inspired this writeup. i don't know where it could have come from.. it doesn't hurt, but it's big and purpley-black.. i must have really banged it against something. but i don't remember what..