I'm almost positive that I'm going to get kicked out of this lab, and before I can manage to log out I will leave, and some Economics student will wander along, find me still logged on, logged in, whatever it is I am when my name is in the top right-hand corner, and they will say, "What m├Ądness is this? and why is it all one big clumpy paragraph? where are the cool fonts? where is the concreteness of this non-poetry?"

I love it when I can pretend to be cooler than I really am.

Today was like being in a movie. It was not between classes, it was when everyone had a class, even me, but I wasn't there. I was walking across the....courtyard? no, not a courtyard, but a big wide open concrete space between the two libraries. The bell tower, in front of my favourite library, was chiming/ringing/singing a happy little song, and the area was weirdly devoid of people. I'm not sure if devoid is a word. Too Bad.

And so the wind was blowing my hair slightly, and I walked purpose-fully across the non-courtyard, the bells singing an unhappy song in the background. There was no sun, but it was bright; eye-squintingly bright. And it felt like a movie, it felt like somewhere was a camera with a director behind it and somewhere someone would yell "Cut! Get that girl out of the shot!"

But no one yelled cut, and so I felt like an unknown movie star, walking across with the wind in my face, blowing back the edges of my very dirty jacket, the one I'd wash if I wasn't so busy wearing it, showing off my fat and my borrowed tshirt and my stolen pants, the ones that used to be much to large but then I fattened into them. And it was a good day.