This morning I had an amazing and powerful dream– the kind of dream that you remember was a dream after you remember it happening.

Something went wrong…the earth was tilted wrong or something. And a giant cosmic waterfall was going to get us…we would not be swept away in it, we hoped…

We were camping, and I was in the cab of my dad’s truck (the same truck that was destroyed two years ago in my accident). The water came…

I wasn’t in the truck yet – I could see it coming. It was like a meteor shower, only more so. Thousands of water molecules streaked across the sky…it was amazing. I still have the image in my mind. In the dream, I wanted my camera so badly, but I could not run and get it and get to the truck in time, so I left my camera out. I ran, to the truck, because it was apparent they were getting closer. Someone else was running too, but they didn’t make it. I had to close the doors and the back windows of the truck, huge raindrops landed on the windshield, but they came horizontally…mist came in through the vents

I was worried about my camera, which was in my backpack, in a specific pocket that was the most waterproof, but I did not trust it. (this is the real location of my camera and I truly don’t trust the waterproof lining). I spent good chunk of time analyzing how I could protect my camera next time…I thought about the waterproof box I intended to buy, and still haven’t, and made a firm decision to get one before my next camping trip.


It had passed, I left the truck, to find others…in their part of the camp the rain had been hail…and then it threatened to come again, so we hit the deck, lay flat upon the earth to minimize the impact of the hail…the ground felt cold and icy.

That’s all I remember

People were there – I don’t know who, but I felt really close to them, like they were my family (but they weren’t my family). A specific young girl, maybe she was my sister but I can’t positively identify her, was at the scene of the hail, and I felt really worried about her.

I don’t remember specific emotions or senses other than sight that I feel during dreams, so remembering them is pretty significant for me. I think the concern about the welfare of my camera comes from neurotic, real concerns about it I have in waking life. It’s new, and I barely use it for fear of breaking it, which is sad, but my last camera took a swim in the ocean and never woke up, so I worry.

The appearance of my father’s truck could be anything – maybe I am still worrying about the accident, which I am, since my medical stuff has not been entirely worked out yet.

And the planet going off kilter and running into a waterfall in a “Horton Hears a Who” kind of way – I have no idea.