today was the day that it began to feel like christmas.
i woke up. my sister informed me that she and i were going to decorate our hovel and let christmas in. i became rather miserable, as i was not in the mood. (christmas decorating is only bearable if you are in to mood). then, suddenly, my salvation came.

outside, on the street, i could hear the shrill, screaming voice of an old woman.

"bah humbug! it's not snowing. this isn't snow! i moved here from toronto to get away from this shit!"

i looked out my window. there was an old woman, a few flakes of drifting white stuff flying through the air as lazy as my brother, and her dog. no other people. she was yelling at her dog. the christmas spirit had found me. i was happy. i decorated. and made fudge. it was great.