(My Opinion..you don't have to like it.)

Part 1

There is an odd relationship between how smart you are and what your homework habits are like. As your intelligence level increases, you tend to do less homework because most of it is the same stuff you have had an extensive knowledge of for a long time. Also, when your intelligence level is extremely low, you also tend to do less homework because you don't understand most of it. I think there is an even point towards the middle. As your intelligence starts to become a little above average, you tend to do all of the homework you are given for two reasons. You want to reach a higher level of intelligence and you don't want to be stupid (at the low end of the intelligence meter). The middle intelligence class tends to have high motivation while the high and low intelligence classes tend to have low motivation. If only school was flexible enough to accomidate (spelling?) the needs of all three intelligence classes instead of trying to bottleneck everyone into a single intelligence level, i think every student would be a lot happier.

Part 2

This is where students everyday are given either very useful assignments or very boring and repetative (spelling?) assignments. Depending on your intelligence class (see Part 1).
The only way to get through a day of high school (if your intelligence level is high) is to have a lot of friends and a small library of books at home to keep you busy at school while teachers are busy handing out pointless assignments.
Now there is a suggestion. Find someone (preferably of the opposite sex) that you can think about all day instead of doing your work.

For your low intelligence people, the only thing I can think of is to find a hobby that interests you the most (as long as it isn't harmful to others) and keep yourself busy all day.

That's my 2 cents.