You've seen it in the movies.

You've dreamed about the day you could do it.

No, I'm not talking about having sex with a hot supermodel or killing 50 bad guys with a Navy MP5 Sub-machine gun.

I'm talking about ordering pizza over the internet. Imagine that. Imagine getting on your computer and thinking..."I don't want to have to disconnect and stop looking at porn just to order a pizza.

I know! I will go to and ORDER A PIZZA ONLINE!" It's possible ladies and gentlemen. You can now go to (if there is one in your area) and order everything you can over the phone. For the same price. The only drawback is that I think it takes longer. And since I have some friends that work there, they say that it is terribly annoying when someone orders over the internet, because the person answering the phone has to listen to a computer voice announce the order. Something along the lines of "" Well, you get the idea. So if you are ever bored and have some enough money to do it...order your pizza online and annoy the employees. It's exciting, too...lemme tell ya... What's next...ordering a hooker online? I bet that's already possible anyways...