Well it seems that I've got some nodes I am prepared to unleash on E2. I've been so intimidated with the noding scene. After the Boston gathering I started to remember how much I had become a part of E2 and the people.

I want to be apart of the people again, and if that means I have to raise my standards for node-writing, than so be it. This is why I haven't noded much recently. So much seems to be riding on a node after I sumbit (intentional misspelling) it. But there's no since in bitching about it. I've just got to get off my lazy ass and research my nodes better. That's my plan of attack, any way.

Any who..that's all I have to say about that right now..

I added this writeup on here because it was nuked after I first posted it for noding about noding. I thought it deserved a place somewhere, so here it is:

So much pressure..

I almost regret doing it sometimes. But then I fix myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and move on.

I mean, most of the writeups I downvote deserve it in the first place, but after reading the node, I think about the person who wrote that. They are probably hoping to improve their XP and boost their miniscule self esteem.

And here I am, placing my mouse over the bullet that resides next to the predominantly symbolistic minus sign that is and forever shall be the downvote.

I hover it ambiguously for a second.


"I can't hurt this poor soul. This writeup really could have been written better ... and perhaps the future of this person's life could be thrown into upheavel as soon as they receive the notice that their XP has been defiled directly by my actions."

I could message you and let you know that there's something wrong, but that would require me to waste precious moments that could be spent reading other nodes.



The instant later my mind sends the impulse to my index finger that the rounded surface directly below it needs to be depressed with a gentle amount of force.

But the physical force required to make it happen is laughable. It took more work, mentally, to decide that it needed to happen.


And so it is. The downvote is in place. The fate of the user has been set in stone. And I am to blame for my portion of the damage.

I really am sorry.

But remember, you are always welcome to try again.