Better Than Ezra discography is as follows:

  1. Surprise (1990)
    1. Ezra Pound
    2. CDU
    3. Favorite Blanket
    4. Tremble
    5. Winter Coats
    6. Hold Me Down
    7. Rearranging the Bones
    8. And We're Fine
    9. Circle of Friends
    10. Bag of Cobras
    11. Burning the Map
    12. Devil Girl

  2. Deluxe (1995)
    1. In the Blood
    2. Good
    3. Southern Gurl
    4. The Killer Inside
    5. Rosealia
    6. Cry in the Sun
    7. Teenager
    8. Untitled
    9. Summerhouse
    10. Porcelain
    11. Heaven
    12. This Time of Year
    13. Coyote

  3. Friction, Baby (1996)
    1. King of New Orleans
    2. Rewind
    3. Long Lost
    4. Normal Town
    5. Scared, Are You?
    6. Return of the Postmoderns
    7. Hung the Moon
    8. Desperately Wanting
    9. Still Life with Cooley
    10. WWOZ
    11. Happy Endings
    12. Speeding Up to Slow Down
    13. At CH. Degaulle, etc.

  4. How does your garden grow? (1998)
    1. Je ne m'en Souviens pas
    2. One More Murder
    3. At The Stars
    4. Like It Like That
    5. Allison Foley
    6. Under You
    7. Live Again
    8. Happy Day MaMa
    9. Pull
    10. Particle
    11. Beautiful Mistake
    12. Everything in 2's
    13. New Kind Of Low/Coma
    14. Waxing or Waning?

  5. Artifakt (2001)
    1. Tremble
    2. Strange Funny Way
    3. Oh, Corrina
    4. Falling Apart
    5. Wallflower
    6. Use Me
    7. Rarely Spoken
    8. Silly Fool
    9. Wintercoats
    10. Mercy
    11. State Street State of Mind

  6. Closer (2001)
    1. Misunderstood
    2. Extra Ordinary
    3. Closer
    4. Rolling
    5. A Lifetime
    6. Recognize
    7. Sincerely, Me
    8. Get You In
    9. Briefly
    10. Juarez
    11. I Do

Better Than Ezra is on a big tour across the US. It started in July of 2001 and it looks like it's going to end sometime in August of 2002. That's a lot of rockin'.

I got the pleasure of seeing them at Slater Center at Purdue. The show was all ages and was free to anyone. The opening band was called Forever Texas and wasn't too bad at all. The night for the show as very nice. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. And there was a slight breeze. Almost perfect conditions for me.

After reading the previous BTE nodes, I came to realize that the theatrics stayed the same for other shows. Someone was chosen from the crowd to play the song This Time Of Year and also covers of songs such as Don't Fear The Reaper were mixed in with other songs of theirs. Of course at the time it didn't occur to me that these were normal things. It was really just a lot of fun, any way.

A lot of people left after the band played Desperately Wanting and they started getting off the stage. But of course, they came back with an encore. Which rocked everybody's socks off :)

In my opinion, Better Than Ezra is a great band to see in concert, if you can. The show is just all together fun. And if you're lucky and are close to the stage, you can probably snag a football or T-Shirt thrown into the crowd.