It's that time of the year. You are a Junior/Senior.

Scene I:

Conformist #1 - "So John Doe, who you going to prom with?"
John Doe - "No Conformist #1, I'm not going, why do you care."
Conformist #1 - "You aren't going to prom, why not?"
John Doe - "Because it's another joyless get-together that requires you to spend lots of money to please your date and your mindless peers."
Conformist #1 - "Oh, someone's got a case of the Monday's! (laughs)"
John Doe - "Shut up"

Scene II (5 seconds later):
Conformist #2 - "So John Doe, got a date for prom yet?"
John Doe - "No you freak, weren't you just listening to what I just said"
Conformist #2 - "Soooo, you aren't going to prom then? WHY NOT! Hey, I can hook you up."
John Doe - "NO, damnit, leave me alone."
Conformist #2 - "Common man! You have to go to prom!"
John Doe - "No, no I don't"
Conformist #2 - "Ok talk to you later"
(5 minutes later, Conformist #2 comes back and asks the same question.)

Final Scene (Scene III, approximately 5-10 seconds later):

Conformist #3 - "So you goin to prom, John Doe?"
John Doe - "Alright thats it. LISTEN HERE YOU STUPID PIECES OF CRAP. I am not going to prom!@#
WHY? Because I don't want to, nor do I have to. If I don't go, I will be the same person.
What is the point of spending a years salary on a stupid dance that nobody is going to enjoy.
Stop friggin asking me if I am going to prom already. GOD!" Conformist #3 - "Man, sounds like someones got a case of the Mon-"
John Doe - "NO, SHUT UP!"

At this point Conformist #1, #2, and #3 are talking about their dates and how much money their parents are giving them as John Doe plots to ruin prom.
John Doe doesn't have a date and isn't going to prom. BIG FRIGGIN WOOP. Get over it.

Don't go to prom if you know whats good for you.
(Pretty pointless, eh)