Cornell and the Grateful Dead

On May 8, 1977, Cornell University's Barton Hall hosted what is widely hailed as the greatest Dead show ever. Any fan with more than a few hours of tape (or .shn) owns a copy. Sound engineer Betty Cantor's original soundboard tape is by far the most common source, although an audience recording also exists.

Interestingly, the band does not own a copy of one of their best known shows. Many of Cantor's recordings (collectively known as the Betty Boards) were abandoned in a storage locker and ultimately auctioned off to a group of anonymous bidders. Freely-traded copies of 5/8/77 can easily be obtained online or from your friendly local Deadheads.

Barton Hall itself was built shortly before World War I to house the military science department; it was named after Colonel Frank A. Barton, an 1891 Cornell grad and a professor at the university between 1904 and 1908. It contains an indoor track and basketball courts, and can still be reserved for public events.

Set One

Set Two