Regression testing also occurs when you put something through a test so that you can create a graph that has something proportional to something. You can draw on a line of regression that predicts future outcomes. The line of regression is another word for the line of best fit on a graph. When you create outcomes you can interpolate the data and judge what will happen if something is extended.

For example, if you have a car and put the speed travelled along the Y axis and time taken along the X axis. You can see how long it takes to get up to a certain speed. However if the car cannot go any faster then you will need to use the line of regression to predict how long the car will take to travel at the unreachable speed. This can be useful for example when a selling a car. Most car companies give technical information such as “zero to sixty miles per hour in nine seconds.” What if the car’s top speed is 50 miles per hour? Well we can use the line of regression to predict the time it takes if it could have reached 60 miles per hour.

Therefore, the line of regression and regression testing plays a very important role in working out future events in the real world. We need it to find out the outcome of something that hasn’t happened before.