He was not there,
She didn’t care,
But there was something between them,
They didn’t know,
What would happen next,
An unlikely love that would happen.

But he goes in search for her,
A missing key to unlock his heart.

Can you feel and see the past,
Our lives were fresh and fun,
We learned to dance and find ourselves,
In each others arms.

There she was all alone,
No one would say hello,
He stepped up to her and placed his hand,
Upon her shoulder, but she just ran away.

Why oh why did she go?
Was she scared of love or did she hate him?
He was left to stand where she was standing,
All alone and upset.

Deserted, distraught with a broken heart,
He picked himself up.

Running outside,
Screaming her name,
Chasing after her in the rain,
He just wanted to talk,
To tell her something important…

“You mean so much to me,
You’re so important to my heart.
I feel so empty without you,
I feel so happy with you.”

“Look into my eyes,
Can you see the truth,
I really love you.”

“Everywhere I go,
Everything I see,
Reminds me of you.”

“The swings inside the park,
The paintings on the wall,
Reminds me of you.”

“You are so beautiful to my eyes,
But you cannot see it.
You are so wonderful in the light,
So beautiful to my eyes,
So wonderful inside.”

Here I cry all day,
Seeing myself in the mirror.
All alone, cold and scared,
Trying to find your heart.

I see your smile upon me,
It makes my heart come crashing,
Down to the ground.
I have to pick myself up all the time,
And it’s hard to get up on a broken heart.

But I still care about her,
Everyday of my life,
I still love her,
My heart is crying out about her,
My heart is still crying out for her.