I had the scariest 'dream' in my life last night. I'm not sure if it was really a dream or not, but I almost paralysed me with fear for 5 minutes.

Basically, I was lying in bed, drifting off to sleep -- my mind was wandering, daydreaming about I don't know what (I distinctly remember it being odd, but nothing more). My dream got to a bit of a climax -- I think I was lunging to hit someone I hated or something -- when out of the blue, I heard a female voice whispering "David" (that's my first name) apparently into my ear, and it sounded real enough to snap me straight out of my dream. My door was shut, there was no way it could be opened without me knowing because it squeaks incredibly loudly. My window was slightly ajar, but anyone entering would have to have made an awful clatter coming in and I would have noticed. Unfortunately, I was lying facing the wall at this point, and the fact that someone had just come out of nowhere and whispered my name in my ear simply paralysed me. Eventually, I turned over to see an empty room.

I think it's possible that I'll never forget that happening.