So, I used to keep a web journal... I stopped at the start of this year, when my life became busy; I got a full time job, I got a full time girlfriend, heh... didn't leave much time for messing around with HTML and PHP, but I guess it left me wondering about a lot of things and having no outlet for them.

Most things I can talk to Anna about (Anna being my girlfriend)... she'll probably end up reading this, we try not to hide things from each other... but it's sort of different when you're writing for the anonymous masses, instead of to a particular person. Somehow easier to just say what you're thinking, and not worry about offending whoever you're writing to.

Not that I'm particularly offensive, but I get paranoid about pissing people off, saying the wrong thing so they never want to speak to me again. I think this stems from a bad experience I had with an internet friendship at the end of last year.

The funny thing about Anna and I, is that we liked each other for so long, and neither of us knew it. I mean, there would be times that we were thinking, 'Yeh, I could see myself with them', but we never acted on it, and it sort of went away... but we were always close friends, and we were always close physically too, she'd hug me when she saw me, she'd sit on my lap... which when we look back at it, is just kinda strange, hehe... and then when we got together, it was just so perfect and right, we don't know why we didn't do it earlier... I guess the time just wasn't right.

Anyway, this is meant to be a daylog, so I guess I should talk about what's going on in my life at the moment... working (as in, right now, I shouldn't be on here), trying to spend as much time with Anna as possible, and help her out with her study... she's doing a psychology degree, on her last year, so only has a few weeks left; I just try to help her out with typing her essays and going through some statistics stuff with her.

We're seeing a movie tonight, Cats and Dogs, then going back to my house... she stays over at my place at least twice a week, my parents give me the freedom to do what we want... her parents are a bit stricter; when I stay at her place I have to sleep in the spare bed. (Unless we manage to convince them that we just fell asleep together on the couch) Frustrating.

Band practise tomorrow. Our band finally got itself a name at our drummer's 21st last week : Askew. We should be trying out an original tomorrow, written by me; that should be interesting. And fun, everybody is getting a lot more enthusiastic now, buying new equipment and stuff, the gig at the 21st last week helped there too, I think. That was an amazing experience, singing in front of a bunch of strangers, and having them actually sorta-kinda enjoy it, hehe... we got encouragement all round, at least.

Ah well, this is probably really tedious, but meh, it's my first day log. I'm not an incredibly opinionated person, so I don't really have a lot to say. Which is unfortunate, because I kinda like this Everything2 place, and would like to contribute.

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