I sit and read E2, and the fact hits home once again that I have nothing interesting to say, no valuable knowledge to impart, and no opinions to articulate to others. So I guess I'll just daylog instead.

My weekend was great. It amazes me how Anna and I are becoming so close, understanding each other better, and generally moving towards a perfect relationship. Lying in bed the other night, she told me how she couldn't envision a future without me in it anymore. I was half asleep, and I think I made some sort of comment, but it wasn't till the next day when I remembered what she'd said that it hit me, and a big smile appeared on my face, while the good kind of butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

I stayed at her house Friday night, after helping her type up some of her uni work and seeing Rush Hour 2 at the cinemas (Jackie Chan is God); we slept on the couch, as we often do, because her parents wouldn't like it if I slept in her bed. Her mother usually wakes us up early, before her Dad gets up, telling Anna that 'he wouldn't like it' if he knew we were sleeping there. We slept in on Saturday morning, her mother didn't wake us up, and at one stage, her Dad came into the room. We pretended to still be asleep, and he walked out without saying anything. Anna opens her eyes 'You know, I don't know my Dad very well, but I don't think he cares' (that we were sleeping together). We came to the conclusion that it's quite possibly her mother that doesn't approve of us sleeping together, and is using Anna's Dad as an excuse. Which actually makes a lot more sense, heh.

We stayed up late Saturday night, watching DVDs, then slept in Sunday morning, making the most of being able to be close and warm without parents looking over our shoulders (my parents are a lot less protective). We were hoping to play tennis at a club near Anna's house, but slept in too late and took too long to get there, so we ended up going to her old Primary School and hitting a tennis ball around anyway, with Janine, a friend of hers from high school. We played with her dog, and attempted to do back flips off the miniature play equipment, to see if we still could; I haven't had that much fun in a long time. I love the fact that I can be my stupid, goofy self without worrying about what anybody is going to think, without worrying about impressing anybody. (Not that I do things to impress people usually, but I'm more conscious of it, I think).

Back to my area that night to watch A Knight's Tale at the local cinemas, then again to my house and my room out the back, to sit and watch TV, then hold each other whilst we had a strange philosophical discussion regarding the existence of a 'universal truth'; one of the most interesting conversations we've ever had.

And so, now, at work, reading E2 when I should probably be working. Looking at the photo I have of Anna, and smiling, looking forward to seeing her tomorrow night, whatever we end up doing. Life is good.

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