I'm in that weird mood that I get, where nothing seems appealing to me. I can't seem to enjoy anything, I know I'd rather be somewhere else right now, but I'm not sure where. I just feel like sleeping, or something.

This mood unfortunately started last night, so seeing Anna wasn't as pleasurable as it could have been. I mean, it was amazing, we got to get naked and hold each other and watch some good TV and connect, but I was distracted, I think. I'm not sure what was distracting me, but I wasn't quite there. Which just sucks.

*tells himself to stop biting his nails*

I'll be seeing her again tonight, meeting her at her work, so hopefully I'll feel better by then. Not sure what we're going to be doing at her place tonight. Being with her is enough though.

I am way too big. It's frustrating. We'd both enjoy it more if I was smaller, I think.

I really don't want to have to figure out how to do this piece of work, I haven't done anything yet and it's nearly lunch time. I think I'll take a long lunch, nobody will notice, and I don't have that much work to do anyway. Nothing urgent, at least. I wonder why these people think I can actually code. I don't think I can.

Thank god it's Friday. Although there's nothing particularly good happening this weekend. We should have band practise tomorrow or Sunday, but we're not going to the studio, and I doubt our drummer will make it. We can manage to practise without him, but it's not as fun, I can't get into it as much. And Michael and Rob will just want to play Tool. I'd almost rather sit at home and sing to myself, to music I actually like.

Bah. I'm just grumpy. I've written enough.