My god, what a shit of a day.

I won't go into the details, but 5 and a half hours to fix one problem is not an enjoyable experience. Especially when you have next to no idea what you're doing, and the one person who does is on leave for 2 more weeks. Exciting.

Thank god I get to go home to my gorgeous girlfriend, whom I haven't seen since Tuesday afternoon! I mean, that's two days! Damn that bastard who hit her car...

Still, at least the cab trips killed some time, and the day went fairly fast, as it does when you're trying to nut out a frustrating problem. Watching god knows how many reinstalls of Unicenter TNG is not fun though. But it's over now, I get to leave in 20 minutes, and then there's only a driving lesson stopping me from ravaging the body of my loved one. Ooh yeh.

I don't particularly enjoy driving lessons though. Everybody always gasps in horror when I tell them I don't enjoy driving, but really, I don't. I'm getting my license because it's practical, it'll get me places faster (once I get a car), and I can drive Anna back to my place if she doesn't feel up to it. (Meaning I'll get to see her more. See? Practical.) But no, I don't particularly enjoy driving. Takes too much concentration to not hit stuff, and stay alert of my surroundings. I mean, I'm sure it'll get easier once I get used to it, but even then, I'm sure it'll stress me out like it does now. I come out of driving lessons with the back of my shirt soaked in sweat, not because I'm necessarily afraid I'm going to hit anything, just because I've been concentrating so hard and stressing out a bit.

I suspect I have a minor phobia of driving, actually. I have semi-nightmares about it sometimes. So, yes. That's why I'm getting my license nearly 3 years later than I am legally allowed to, hehe. At least I'm not alone, a fair few of my friends still don't have theirs either, so it's not like I'm the last one.

I have to re-enrol this week, for my last year of uni next year. (Yay! I'm nearly qualified for... stuff!) This is the first year I actually get to choose electives, which is cool. Unfortunately, I also have to enrol for the Summer Semester, because I failed one subject of Maths in first year. Meaning I have to take days of from work without pay. And I like pay.

Oh shit, I also have to do my taxes.

And, with the mention of taxes, this daylog is officially dead.

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