Grr, I have to move desks today. I go from my cozy little corner that I've had all year, tucked away here where nobody can really see me, being able to node in peace for the most part, to a desk in the middle of our area, right next to my manager. Bah. Luckily he's not a strict manager, he's a very cool manager in fact, but he still wouldn't appreciate me being on here all day.

But, ah well, I'm only full time for another three months, less than that now in fact. Part time will be good, going back to uni will not. :o/

I need to talk to our project leader about going on leave, because I have to do a subject over the summer semester at uni... but he scares me. Hehe, well, not really, he's a fairly nice guy, but yeh, I'm not good at just going up and talking to people, especially authority figures. I'll do it eventually, but till then I'll procrastinate like mad.

I went for dinner last night, La Porchetta, with Anna, Jay, Janine and Nikki, and had an amazing time. Firstly, of course, because I got to spend time with Anna, which is always amazing, but also because I just feel comfortable with all these people, more comfortable than I do with most of my other friends. As soon as we got there, I got into a silly mood, and started making cheesy jokes about everything, which started off getting just strange looks and mutters of 'you're an idiot', but as everybody else got more comfortable and more silly themselves, we all started doing it.

The best part, though, is how comfortable Anna is getting with her and I acting like a couple in public; when we first got together, she didn't want it to be too obvious (we didn't even tell anybody for a few weeks), but now she's happy with us sitting close at the tables and generally doing what couples do. She told me she wanted to kiss me goodbye when we left the restaurant, and of course I had considered it, but didn't know if she'd be comfortable with it, in front of everybody else. (She would've just gone ahead and done it, except for the fact that I'm a lot taller than her,and it would've been a lot of trouble to just give me a peck on the lips) But next time, for sure, hehe.

Halloween is coming up next week, Anna wants to do something; we'll dress up all in black, and she's going to paint my nails black. (Which I've stopped biting, by the way, a week and a half now. One day at a time.) We decided we'd probably go rollerskating/blading, since we were planning to do that on Sunday until her car got smashed up. So, that should be fun indeed.

OK, I've got work to do. Damn life and it's obligations. (blatant nodevertising)

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