Has it really been a week since my last Monday daylog? Unbelievable.

I had a good weekend; well, a good week in fact. Entirely due to being able to spend every night but one with Anna. We didn't do anything special (well...), but just having her there every night was amazing.

The weekend was great, except for one scare. We spent all Saturday morning together, watching movies (Cube is very good), until she had to go to work. She was going to be back late that night, as she had to spend some time with family after work. At 11:30, about the time I was expecting her, my sister told me that Anna had called, and that I should call her back (my mobile was on charge). I call her back, and she says something that makes my heart jump into my throat: 'I've been in a car accident'.

I calm down a bit, as I realise if she was hurt, she probably wouldn't be calling me. I ask anyway, of course, but she says she's fine, but that she wants me with her; Dad agrees to drive me down there.

On the way there, I'm not too worried, as Anna said she was fine. I was sort of excited in fact, I hadn't really been close to the scene of an accident, and she had said her car was unable to move, so it might be spectacular (it wasn't).

Then I get to thinking, what if What if the car had been coming a bit faster, and hadn't been on the passenger side? What if I hadn't got a call from Anna, but from her parents, or the police? Telling me there's been an accident, and I should come over? Immediately, I could feel myself getting angry at whoever the asshole was that had put her in danger, that had created these possibilities, these fears in my mind. What the hell would I do if I lost her?

These feelings didn't last too long, though, really. I've always had these fears, and I'm not naturally an angry person, even though I'd like to be sometimes, just to get some things out of my system.

So, when we got there, there wasn't much mess; the guy had swerved into the front passenger side of Anna's car, denting the front panels, but hitting hard enough to somehow twist the wheel or something, and damage the driveshaft, which is why it couldn't move. (We found out today it's a write-off, at $3000 (AU). This is not good.) Anna was there with her parents, waiting for the tow truck to come and take the car. The guy who hit her was there too, with his friends, who were apparently in the car at the time. He wasn't drunk or anything (thank god, or I think I really would've been furious), but it's obvious that the people in the car probably distracted him. He says he swerved into her from the middle lane, and just didn't see her, but a witness had said that it looked like he came from straight on, and I don't really think he could have done as much damage as he did if he'd just side-swiped the car. So we think he's lying. At least he told the police it was his fault.

What really sucks, however, is that he had little to no damage to his car, and could drive off, leaving Anna's car to be towed, and now to be written off by the insurance company. How unfair is that? She's going to have to pay out however much to either find a new car, or more likely, try to get it fixed somewhere, and all she was doing was driving safely along a highway. Bah, society sucks.

So, anyway, that was our bit of excitement for the weekend. Anna is extremely annoyed, she loved her car, and it took them a long time to find it; I'm extremely annoyed, because it means that I'll hardly get to see her for the next couple of weeks, because she's got no way to get to my house, unless she can find a cheap rent car. Damn that irresponsible bastard.

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