Yay, Friday. I wonder if we'll get pizza for lunch.

So, the weekend. I think I've got nothing on, which is a very good thing, because I don't think Anna has anything on either, apart from work. Which means we may get to spend the whole weekend together. And that just rules.

I don't think we've got band practise tomorrow... Rob has been in hospital for his ear, and can't stress it with loud music, but we may have been having a quiet one at Michael's. It's a bit late to organise it now though, and I think I'd prefer we didn't. I'd rather be able to sleep in tomorrow with the one I love. Of course.

Plus, I'm feeling a bit down with the band at the moment. Rob and Michael don't seem to want to play anything but Tool and A Perfect Circle, Kris is often busy and can't make it to band practise, and Jay still hasn't got any singing lessons... I mean, I'm sure I'm not totally dedicated to it either, and singing lessons would help me too, but I think I'm holding my own.

But, I get sick of Maynard, and trying to sing like him. Sometimes I can, often I can't, I'm not that good yet. And I can't get into that music, I need something that's going to get my adrenaline pumping and just let me totally let go. I wish they could learn some Slipknot or Machine Head or something. But of course, they all use five string basses or seven string guitars or something, there's always some excuse.

I'm probably being unfair, I can't expect them to buy new equipment just so they can play songs I like, but still. I'm sure there are ways to get around it for at least some of the songs.

But I refuse to learn entire Tool and APC albums, as Michael suggested the other day. We need some variety.

Ah well, I'm sure my mood will change, it usually does... I go through phases of being totally optimistic about the band, we've got some possible gigs coming up, and I think about how great it'll be if we go well in front of these people, even if it's only just friends and family.

But then I get annoyed that we're stuck on doing all these songs I can't really get into, my voice isn't working the way I want it to, nobody else seems to be putting in the effort... bah. I don't have any aspirations of being famous or anything, I don't think I'd want that, but I'd like to get out of the garage, so to speak.

I wonder if I should look for another band, next year, one that might be interested in doing songs more to my liking. It's hard being in a band where pretty much all the members have different tastes. And I'm not very confrontational, so it's hard to convince them to play likeable songs. But yeh. I don't know. It's hard when they're all friends, as well.

Heh, perhaps I should learn guitar and become a solo artist. Pity I don't have the patience to learn any instrument.

And now, to lunch.

Damn, no pizza. Ah well, cheese rolls again.

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