Hrmm. Work is boring, haven't daylogged in a while so I thought I'd whip one up. Don't have a fantastic amount to say, but hey, what else are day logs for except crapping on?

I've been trying to get on the X Box all afternoon (yes, we have one at work), but the same people have been playing Project Gotham for ages. And I don't have the social confidence, or motivation, to go in there and ask them to get off. Ah well, I've probably been more constructive sitting here reading stuff online than I would've been playing Munch's Odyssee.

I've got more work to do, but I got a lot done this morning, half my list for the week, so I can't bring myself to start something new... it's amazing how much better I am at occupying myself with non-work things now, compared to when I started here nearly two years ago. That seems like so long.

Anna and I are going into the city tomorrow, to sit in on some cases at the Magistrate's court, just for the fun of it. Should be fun, I've never seen an actual case before, but with all the courtroom dramas I've been watching since getting together with Anna, it's got me kind of interested.

It's so cool how Anna and I end up in these long discussions about laws and science and morals and all sorts of things, it's fun to discuss and argue it and try to explain my point of view, and I love how she makes me want to learn more about things, so I can explain things to her better. She can talk for a lot longer than I can though, hehe, I get tired of the conversation after a while, especially if I've got to the 'Oh well, I'll have to learn more about that before I can argue' stage.

I wonder how I'm going to go working full time again, now that I've finished uni... I've definitely got a better relationship with people here now, and lately my socialising has been better than usual, I've actually been partaking in conversations somewhat, but I'm sure that won't last long. Or maybe it will, I don't know, but I'm going to find it hard to stay motivated.

OK, I've managed to get myself into this de-motivated mood, I'm meant to go out for drinks after work, but I'd really just rather go to Anna's and have a nice dinner with her... I'll see if I can get out of it.