Getting a call at 5am can be very frightening.

Anna's mobile rang this morning, waking us up an hour and a half before the alarm was supposed to go off.

'Who the hell could that be?'

Anna diverted it to her message service, and, when a message notification arrived, listened to it. She tells me she heard her mum talking to somebody,

'Well, where does her boyfriend live?'

(Oh my god somebody's after me - wait, don't be an idiot who'd be after you?)

She tries to call her house, and as she does, my mobile rings. Private number. I reject the call, so that Anna can try to get through. Heart is beating like crazy.

(What the hell could be wrong, did somebody die?)

Anna finally gets through to her mother. I listen to her side of the conversation, waiting to here what's happened.

'Yeh, I'm at Ben's. Out the front. Buckmaster Drive. OK, I'll check.'

She hangs up.

'The police are at my house, they've apparently found my car in the middle of an intersection. I'm going up the front to see if the car is there.'

Oh, fuck. We don't need this. Kind of relieved though, that it wasn't something worse. We walk up the front, sure enough, the car isn't there. We go back inside, Anna calls the Mooroolbark police, who apparently found the car. They don't know much (in fact, less than nothing, they told us it had been in an accident, which it hadn't). Call the Doncaster police, they don't know much. Wait for them to call back.

We're not going to get any more sleep, are we. *yawn*

Finally get onto somebody at the police station.

'Shit, we have to move it out of the intersection before they send somebody to tow it.'

I wake up Dad, and he drives us down there, so we can push it off the road. Luckily it's a small, and subsequently light car. Open the bonnet, seems they've connected jumper cables from the battery to the coil. (Whatever that is, I don't know cars. Is that how you jump start the thing?)

We lock the car. Figured it would be a good idea.

Finally, get dropped off at the station. Her parents are going to deal with it from here.

So, there we go. Fun morning. I really need sleep.

Funnily enough, while Anna was at the car with her dad, somebody who lives down the street stopped and told them his car had also been stolen last night, and had been wrapped around a pole. I imagine Anna's car conked out on whoever stole it, either because the coil died (she found out that's why it wouldn't start), or they ran out of petrol (the gauge doesn't work), and they proceeded to steal this guy's car. Assholes.

Anyway, other than that excitement, I had a good weekend. Didn't have band practise on Saturday, it wasn't organised properly, so Jay and I went to see 'Rock Star'. Didn't suck. We had a barbeque at our house that night, to celebrate my sister finishing her VCE, which was cool. Anna couldn't come, unfortunately, because she was working.

Anna came over yesterday, however, with a stack of videos, so we got to sit around in my room all afternoon, watching Lethal Weapon movies. Which is exactly how I like to spend my Sundays.

We had a good talk last night, too, about various subjects... mostly the fears we have about our relationship, and how paranoid we can both be... also some great reminiscing of when we were in our 'flirting' stage, at the end of last year. I'm so in love.

And now, a couple of hours left of work, and I get to see her again, to watch Boston Public at her place, and sleep on the floor of her computer room. (Her parents won't let us share a bed, heh)

Bah, Boston Public wasn't on, some Michael Jackson concert was. We watched Lethal Weapon 3. Not that you're interested.

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