OK, it's hit that time of the day when I can't be bothered doing anything more than the minimum of work I can get away with, so I'll daylog.

I think I've finally got these annoying people off my back about this problem they were having, due to Cameron coming back to work. (He's been here longer, he set up the product, and he can talk to people a lot better than I can. Hence, they respect him more). The annoying thing is, I fixed their problem last week, and another problem came up, but they're treating it as if we haven't even done anything to help them since they first reported problems. Grr.

I have my driving lesson tonight, a double lesson, since I'm preparing to get my license in early December... I shouldn't be worried, but I always seem to dread the lesson, even though it's never as bad as I expect, I'm not a bad driver... I'm going to be shitting myself the first time I get out on the road by myself though. I don't ever see myself just driving for the sake of driving.

I have to ask to get my test date changed too, since I accidentally double-booked it with my first day of Summer Semester at uni. I doubt he'll be able to change it, but I need to ask. This is the sort of situation where I would rather just let it go and miss my first classes, rather than request the change, due to my low conversational skill. I'm going to find it hard to bring up, I'm sure. Stupid brain.

Anna was over last night, which was great, because I was expecting to have to go to her place, which is never as good (due to the extreme lack of nakedness and privacy). But she came over, and we got to watch our last movie, and be close to each other all night, emotionally, physically and mentally. Incredible.

I've only spent 5 dollars today, I'm proud of that. I'll need to keep it up to make sure I have enough money to pay my uni fees up front next year.

I realised, during a work-related conversation, that I really don't have much time left here, on my IBL year. I'm going on leave in 2 and half weeks, 3 weeks off, which pretty much brings me to Xmas, so I won't be in here much till after New Years... and then my contract finishes January 15! So that's only just over a month left of actual work. Wow. Then I'll be on part time, and have so much more free time, I might actually get some of the stuff done that I've been meaning to.

I just wish I didn't have to do a half hour presentation about my year here. I'm not good at public speaking, even if it will be to people I've been working with. Grr.

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