My usual Monday daylog. Not sure why I always get the urge to daylog on Mondays, it's not like my weekend is ever that interesting to anybody but me, but ah well. That's what it's here for, I guess.

I stayed at Anna's on Friday night, we watched some rather bad but kind of entertaining films (Highlander: Endgame and XChange; remind me not to watch anything with Stephen Baldwin in it with Anna again, it makes me way too jealous *grin*). Didn't have band practise again on Saturday, as Michael was up at Philip Island or something, so I got to spend the morning with Anna, until she had to go to work.

My Dad and I went on a rather impulsive (and expensive) spending trip to JB Hifi when I got home on Saturday; he decided he wanted to be able to use my DVD player, and offered to buy my TV from me. I hadn't been happy with my TV (which itself was a bit of an impulse buy), so I agreed, and I proceeded to spend $1550 on a big-ass flat screen TV, plus subwoofer, speakers and stand. I'm happy with this one, hehe, although I won't be able to spend any money for a while to make up for it.

It's very loud though.

We watched Memento on Saturday night, damn that's a great movie, definitely a buyer once the non-rental DVD comes out. It's also good for picking out some of the subtle details whilst watching it a second time.

Anna came over Sunday afternoon, we hired a few more videos (can you guess what we spend most of our time doing?) and made good use of the new TV. And, of course, other fun things. (Can you guess what we spend the rest of the time doing?) :oP

Today has gone fast, which is good, as it's been a very boring day of work, and very annoying, dealing with extremely stupid and frustrating people. I can't wait till we finally get all their problems fixed, so I never have to deal with them again.

Hehe, and the building's security has been tightened as of today, so the electronic locks on every floor have been turned on; I've spent the day listening to people running into the door as they try to push it open, not realising they have to swipe their card to get in. *grin*

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