T I R E D.

Last night was great, but I stayed up way too late despite having work to get up for. We were planning on going rollerskating in Eltham, but when we called up it turned out they had private hockey practise on... along with about 3 other places. We finally decided to go to the Fun Factory on Chapel St.

We got strange looks as we walked in, presumably from the various pieces of decorative headwear we were wearing (ie. devil horns, Wonka hats, Scream masks; Halloween isn't widely celebrated in Australia). After getting our skates/blades, Nat pointed out the prevalance of males in the place, and that they were playing YMCA over the sound system; it seemed we'd unwittingly come on 'Gay Skate' night at the Fun Factory. That may have attributed to some of the strange looks as we walked in.

No matter, we wanted to skate, so we skated. It was a friendly atmosphere and, as the announcer said, it is the only place in the gay community that is drug and alcohol free, so we were happy. Nobody minded that Anna and I were skating around holding hands, and even if they did, so what? I don't think Jay was particularly comfortable, although he did eventually get some skates on, hehe.

Just another example of how comfortable I am with Anna... before I met her, there's no way I would have been walking down Chapel Street with a purple Wonka hat on my head, then proceeding to skate with it on in a gay skate rink. But hey, she's changed who I am, for the better, and I'm not complaining.

Ooh, and I got 1st place on the Point Blank machine there too, which I was proud of. *grins*

We ended up at the Pancake Parlour, as we usually do on our nights out, since they're open late. It's always a good place to just socialise with people I don't necessarily see that often too, so yeh, it's all good.

Anna isn't allowed to drive her Dad's car at night, so unfortunately we couldn't go back to my place, but we slept together on her couch, which was extremely uncomfortable; I think we were both a bit restless and frustrated. But I got to hold her, so that was all I needed, and worth the tiredness today.

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