Hrmm, my fonts are all screwed up... must be Internet Explorer here at work.

I haven't been active in E2 for a fair while, although I come back to it occasionally... I started to realise I was re-reading nodes I'd read before, and not enough nodes that were funny or interesting to me were being written, so I drifted off, heh... (not to put down all the brilliant write-ups that are being written everyday, it just takes a lot to hold my attention for long)

But today I felt the need to vent a bit, and this is really the only place I can do it in any half way coherent manner... even talking to Anna eventually turns into rambling, because I can't think fast enough for what my mouth wants to say.

So, I've nearly finished my first semester of my final year at University. Pretty soon I'll be fully qualified to be a Software Engineer/Computer Scientist. Whatever the hell that means. The truth is, I almost feel like this year is a waste of time, as I could be working full time here at work if I wanted, which I will be doing next year. And after that, I'm fairly certain I'll be able to get other jobs based on this one as a reference, if I chose to leave.

But at other times, I'm glad for the break from full time work, no matter how difficult uni is getting... I don't know, I switch back and forth between the two opinions at fairly regular intervals. I know I won't leave uni, because without the certificate at the end it'll count for nothing, and I probably won't start studying part time either, because it'd take too much effort to get it organised; plus it's just easier to get it over and done with this year, and never have to worry about it again. (Apart from my debt to the government, but luckily that's not too much anyway)

My life at the moment is quite good though, really. I love Anna more and more each day. We're planning for the future, designing our future house, planning the pets we're going to have, all the cool technology our house is going to have, and subtly ignoring the fact that it's going to cost a hell of a lot to build. That bit's for later.

The only problem is, it's so far into the future, we're just torturing ourselves. We don't really know what our situation will be by the time we've saved enough to build it; we don't even know how long it's going to take to save that much. It's fun, though, to think about. And hopefully we'll at least be able to move out into a unit in the next couple of years.

Work is giving me the shits lately though... I really with I was working with people I got along with better, people who I could relate to better. As it is, I end up having to go to lunch with someone who just ends up telling me about his drunken sexual exploits he had over the weekend. Thank god I'm only here part time.

It'd just be nice to actually be able to talk to somebody about the things that interest me for once... movies, games, television, whatever... someone who was in a similar situation to me, and who had similar goals...

Grr, and now he's playing Beastie Boys so loud, it drowns out my music...