I'm in a very Anna mood today, and not in a very work mood. People have been giving me the shits all day, for various reasons... partly because of my own paranoia, since I haven't been doing much work, and they seem to be picking up on it. But I really don't have much to do at this stage in the project, I'm only working part time so they don't involve me in many of the decisions, and I wouldn't really want to be involved anyway, because that's not what I'm good at. Once we start implementing stuff, I'll be much more in my element.

A large bit of annoyance when I submitted a new song to my Original Lyrics, which resulted in the new song, plus an older one, being nuked. The only explanation was that they, according to the nuker, weren't very good. Apparently. I thought otherwise, and others have told me otherwise, on E2 and in real life, so I don't know what the problem was. All my other lyrics nodes have had positive responses, even if they haven't had a lot of votes; I guess they're not the type of nodes people tend to waste votes on.

Anyway, I'll be hopefully using one of them in our new band line up, when we finally start rehearsing and writing in the next couple of weeks, which I'm looking forward to. We never really managed to put music and lyrics together in any reasonable way in our last incarnation, but it's looking a lot more promising this time. Hopefully I'll be able to get past any embarrasment or self-consciousness, and just try out different vocal techniques and melodies to try to get something to sound good.

Not sure if I'll go to work tomorrow, but it's extra money, and I can probably get away with doing the uni stuff I have to do whilst in the office, so that could be a good thing... I'd much rather be at home, but I know if I was, I'd just end up playing games for most of the day, and having a half-hearted attempt at what I'm actually meant to be doing. So yeh, more money is good.

I've been finding myself wishing I could go back to kickboxing, since my sisters have started at the same place I used to go to... my old instructor remembers me, which is cool... I think I was one of his best students for a while there, until I got occupied with other things... and after that I could never quite get back into it. Hopefully I'll be able to find time this semester though, since I'm only working part time. Anyway, I think I've rambled enough. Time to leave early and go see my gorgeous girl at her work, so we can sit together and watch TV all night. Yay! P.S. The song that was nuked can be found on my homenode, if you're interested, comments are welcome.