The best way to celebrate Valentine's Day is, most certainly, not to care about it. Anna and I went out after I finished work last night, went shopping at Forest Hill for Valentine's gifts together (for each other), ate food court Chinese, and saw a movie. Just like we've done so many times in the past year. We didn't even find presents for each other, because most of the shops were closed, so we've decided our Valentine's Day will actually be next Thursday. :o)

Not that it really bothered me too much extent in previous years, when I didn't have anybody. Last year we made a bit of a deal about it though, having only been together for a month, so it was nice to have it nice and casual this year.

Oh, and it was a funny coincidence that we happened to see a Johnny Depp film on Valentine's Day both years so far... I don't feel threatened, really! *grin*

(Chocolat and From Hell, if you're curious.)

Thank god it's Friday, though. I couldn't put up with much more work, lucky we never actually do much on Fridays... sitting in on a training session this morning, then pizza for lunch...