I've been having recurring semi-nightmares, all revolving around driving. I assume this is due to my finally getting off my ass and attempting to get my license; I also suspect I have a small phobia of driving, and probably will continue to have it until I am comfortable driving.

So, the dream I had the other night, I was in the car, in the passenger seat, and we're on the streets around my suburb. Suddenly I realise there is nobody in the passenger seat, which of course disturbs me. I start trying to reach across to the pedals with me feet, trying to hit the brakes, but the brakes are not responding enough, and I find I have to press down real hard before they'll respond. (This is a recurring theme in these dreams) Finally I stop the car, then move over to the passenger seat, and continue driving.

Then it just got weird. I picked up Ervin, a friend of mine from high school, and we were trying to drive somewhere, but we'd keep either crashing, or just somehow failing to get there, and we'd end up in hell, which was actually my backyard. I think Satan was Harvey Keitel, like in Little Nicky, but I may have just linked the two outside my dream.

Everytime we get there, we have to get back out of hell by jumping up large steps, which are supposed to represent the levels of hell. Ervin is naming them as we go up them, but there are more than just the usual nine, and they start turning weird, so we have the 'Chocolate Swirl' level of hell, and one that I think was made of some sort of sponge cake.

I have weird dreams.

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