Another day of the grind. I am missing school. Its been out about two weeks and I have started working 40 hour weeks instead of my normal 25. I dislike having a normal 8am to 5pm schedule. Its starting to wear on me mentally, I get home and don't even want to think.

I've been kind of lonely lately because my girlfriend is out of town. I didn't realize just how much of my time I usually spend with her. Its only because she is so much fun. ;-). She is visiting her friend Elizabeth in L.A.. Elizabeth is a student at USC and is majoring in screenwriting. Both of them are weird in similiar ways. I posted a node the other day on screenplay format as kind of a "I'm thinking of you" type of thing. I hope the gf doesn't spot any errors. We took a film class together this semester and her film script was perfect and mine had formatting errors until the day before we turned it in.

(And last night she watched the finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer without me. It was a great episode.)

I'm trying to figure out some stuff for my website. I want to write a chatroom that doesn't constantly ping the server. Ideally when a new message is posted the server gets notified by the client that posted it. Then the server notifies all the other clients that a new message has been posted. This is much more efficient than the meta refresh nonsense. Polling is soooo inefficient. Oh well guess I better get back to what I was doing... bye.