Today is a day that its hard to get work done.

One of my closest friends is moving from sunny Arizona to freezing cold Boston. I'm going to miss him alot...

So I naturally started thinking about all the wonderful memories we have had. And while I know its selfish to think how this is going to affect me, I can't help but think about it. There is something very necessary about my friendship with Neil.

Last night we picked up a friend from the airport and went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. In the parking lot he notices a girl getting out of her car. He struck up a conversation with her and somehow I ended up meeting the girls of the Arizona Statue University swim team. Well meet maybe too strong a word considering they were drinking alot and distracted by a laser pointer Neil keeps on his key chain. They ended up buying it from him for $15 so they could continue putting red dots on guy's crotches.

Neil brings wackiness to my life. He's a bastard sometimes because he never lets me win an argument, even if its over how much my day sucked. He plays music better than me, which makes me practice more. And he's driving to Boston tomorrow.

Men aren't supposed to cry.