I was noticing you across the room all night. It was a Saturday, and we met at an art gallery. You caught my eye immediately. You were beautiful. I loved your style. You had grace. Your smile made my heart ache. But I didn't have the courage to go and talk to you.

But then, later, we met outside. I introduced myself and told you how pretty I thought you were, and how I had been noticing you all night. Then I found out you had noticed me too. It was the happiest moment I can recall in recent memory. And the situation was made even better by the fact that we got along really, really well.

But you had to leave, so I walked you to your car. We exchanged phone numbers. We kissed... Then we kissed some more. Your lips were so soft and gentle, caressing mine. It was fantasic.

But I lost your number... I don't know how it happened. You were standing right next to me as I put your number into my cellphone. I must have not hit "save". So I'm hoping you'll call me. I'm sending out my energy to you, hoping you'll pick up on it. I'm searching for your number every way I know how, but you're just not there. I want you to call, but I know you won't. Because you're a girl, I'm a boy, and we met at a party. And girls won't call boys that they meet at parties when they exchange numbers. They wait for the boy to call first. So I may never see you again.

Tonight, I'll be dreaming about you. And trying to find my way into your dreams. Hoping you'll call. I think we might have had something special. But I'll never know, I'll only be left with your memory. 25 extremely short minutes of joy. Because I lost your phone number.