"Ketchup" chips have been available in the State of Maine, United States of America for quite some time. 15 years at least, as they have been a fairly regular staple of my diet for at least that long. So check your sources, yah damn canuck. And before you go downvoting this node cause I called you a canuck, be aware that I myself am a canuck, and that I simply can't stand ignorant or mis-informed information floating around such as "canada is the only one that has" or "You can't find it anywhere but the states"... Also, being so close to Canada, we are able to get some canadian channels sometimes, so I wonder if traders is actually *only* available in canada, beyond the technical sense..

*sigh*.. once again... Canada *DOES* have a history channel. During the 8 months a year I am there, I have to suffer through many a "Canadian Heritage" program... and as far as Canadian Tire goes, I can't say it's a particularly great store.. at least the ones I have frequented in Montreal. They do have cheap bike locks though, which is something Canada seems to be able to provide over the states (once again, this is a broad generalization, and should in no way be considered fact, truth, or anything even closely resembling a legally binding statement)..