The last bastion of McGill's weary and weak. The last destination after a long days work, after finishing a project, after finishing an exam, but mostly because it's easy and close. Cheap beer, sometimes free beer, cheese ass dance mixes, drunken froshies, and most of all lots of easy people.


is the campus bar; until recently found on the first floor of the Student Union Building (aka the William Shatner Building, or Shatner for short) on McTavish street. In 2001, given new space to work with, the Student Society of McGill University moved the bar to the basement. April 13th, 2001 saw the very last Thursday Night bash ever in the old room, an event made famous in the minds of many a drunken freshman their respective orientation weeks.

Did I mention the drinking age in this province is 18? Did I mention Quebec rules?