Bowlingual is a goofy gadget manufactured by Takara Co. Ltd. that straps to the neck of a pet dog and converts their barks into human speech. For example, if the dog is hungry then the sensors supposedly pick this up in the tone and manner of the bark and the device will cry out "I'm hungry!" in either English or Japanese. Other phrases include "I'm bored, let's play!" and "I've had enough!" Takara claims that Bowlingual can detect happiness, sadness, and frustration.

Moreover, if you leave your dog at home, then you can record everything your dog says while you're away. The additional handset that remotely communicates with the receiver on the dog's end has an LCD screen that displays simple digital expressions.

Bowlingual works with over 50 species of dogs, but may not work with the Basenji, which has more of a yodel than a bark.

Bowlingual recently won an Ig Nobel Prize!

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