Noding while stoned is a bad idea. Case in point.


Basically this writeup seeks to prove why noding while stoned is a bad idea, with the major evidence as the poor quality and disjointed nothingness of the writeup itself as the major evidence. I'm repeating myself.


I used to get stoned a lot more often than I do now. Back in the day I used to go through about a quarter ounce every three days. But I've slowed down a lot. Last two semesters I smoked a record low eight times. My GPA has been a record high. Coincidence?

So far this winter break, I've smoked once. Just about fifteen minutes ago. Essentially, since I signed up in September, this is first time I've written a node while high. Amazingly, I took a single hit from a battie and I'm like...

Does it make sense to node stoned?

My answer to this question is a resounding 'no.' Trying to play the old "let's pick a topic to node" game while high on tetrahydracannibinol is very hard. I'm like struggling right now. What was I talking about?

Deep breath...

Ok, I'm noding. Get your grips. What was I noding about?

Stoned noding. Right.

Ok, it makes no sense to node while stoned. Because when you try and think of a topic, the only things you can think about are overplayed transhumanist jargon, religion as a function of the brain, super small machines and robots and stuff, and bong making techniques. That's all crap right there.

Maybe you are better at stoned noding, but I am not. I bet that if you are in fact a successful stoned noder, then you could be much more so while not stoned.

Look, I am a horrible noder while stoned. Case in point.

Ugh, this writeup is like really short, too.