Its dark outside. The rush hour traffic lights slide down the window. The guys from support were chatty and louder than usual. But now even they have left and there are only a few people in the area clacking on their keyboards.

I got in late today so I'm staying late which means I'm here until about a quarter after 6. Its all for show really, since I'm daylogging and writing e mails to old uni buddies.

This weekend was pretty good. I'm a little bummed that I missed the Simpsons episode last night since there was a Brenda robot in it. We'll have to download that episode. :)

Work sucks. But in a dull, aching way. As long as I talk to enough humans, I'm ok. I don't start thinking I'm trapped here. My co-worker Tatiana is really nice. She's from Russia origionally. Adventurous and positive. I'd love to have a mom like her.

I'm thinking about going to England to visit one of my uni buddies, Sarah. Its really cheap to go in February (from Toronto) but maybe thats when they have the worst weather (even for London). Send me message if you have any input on going to London in February. I don't want to go if its going to be boring or miserable weather.

My boyfriend probably won't come with me. I don't think he appreciates history and culture as much as I do. He would rather be in a hammock on a beach in the Dominican sipping pina coladas. My thoughts are that I may be able to squeeze in both this year. And maybe a couple camping trips besides.

Well its almost time to be gone. Send me your thoughts on London in February. I'm listening!