Today it finally sunk in that I am really leaving my job. I gave my resignation a week ago last Friday. I have talked about it with a few select people. But today when my manager announced it in our weekly meeting, it finally sank in. And I know I will really miss everyone.

I have been complaining about this job basically since I started. There have been numerous times when I have wanted to quit. I have cried at my desk more times than I like to admit. I have been forced to see that I know nothing about certain topics and know less than I thought on other topics.

My coworkers have always been so helpful. And I'm surprised to realize how much I know about them. And how much they know about me. And we have laughed quite a bit. They make up all my friends in the city, even though most of them live quite a ways away from me.

So when I think about them, I kinda feel bad about leaving. But I know that I want to try doing something different. And I want to work closer to home and find friends closer to home. And the only way to do that is to make a change.

So now the race is on for me to find another job. Hopefully with some good effort, it won't take too long. With the loonie so low, I don't know if its the best time to be looking for a job. But for me, I think its the best time for a change.

Thank goodness for e mail