I did almost no work at work today. Some how I got away with it. I talked about work with coworkers, I sent some e mails related to work. I sat at my desk and drank about 3 diet cokes and had wild rice for lunch. And I did no work. By the time 4:30 rolled around I was so wired on caffeine, I couldn't sit still any longer and left.

Now I'm at home. Still buzzing from the caffeine. Listening to Aimee Mann. I like listening to her music because her vocal range is about the same as mine even though her voice is so much sweeter. Atleast I can hit the notes without straining.

I'm really lonely right now. I have a great relationship with my boyfriend. And my brother and sister-in-law live about a half hour on the TTC. But I really wish I had actual girlfriends in the city. I just left my university town and the people I spent 4 years with. I'm in the big city now. At an adult job. And I'm finding it tough not having girls to chat with.

There are a few young women at work with me. But they all speak cantonese. And I don't. So about 80% of the conversation goes right over my head. And so even though everyone is friendly there, I feel like I never really have an honest conversation. I have to censor alot of what I say. I don't giggle much. Which is exhausting in a way.

Anyways, a couple of my friends from highschool are supposed to be visiting me next monday. And I'm really excited about it. It will be neat for my boyfriend to get to know them. And he's invited a friend of his to come over so that will be cool.

So this node is about a day spent looking at possible java applets, reading slashdot, reading nodes, sending and receiving e mail, using chatterbox for the first time and a few people responding.(!!thankyou!!) Just basically drifting through time thinking about things willy nilly for over seven and a half hours and realising once its over that I should really SAY something - out loud, just as i see it. What a concept!

"Hey you in the elevator with the smelly dog, did you knit that doggy sweater yourself? How do his little doggy boots stay on?"

"Hey there lady ahead of me in the grocery line. Are you on some kind of crazy yellow food diet? Is that why you bought eggs, bananas, cheerios and butterscotch pudding cups?"

"Hey there guy! Cool jacket!"


But the interior monologue continues despite this revelation. I've almost always been quiet. There have been a few times in my life when I get on a roll and feel invincible. But right now I'm lucky if I can break out my conditioning on a night out with friends. I sure hope I can next week.