Something my father said to me numerous times when I was a kid.

I was approximately 10 years old, struggling with my math homework. I was having a hard time to understand something, and he apparently got frustrated trying to help me out.
Knowing that he has quite a temper (and has passed it on to me as well), I'm aware that shouldn't take things he says while upset that seriously. And since math was the only subject he was good at as a child, hoping the same from his children is understandable. Furthermore, a common conception is that one must be either athletic or intelligent to succeed in life. And I'm definitely not athletic.

What if he really meant it?
What if he was right?

Possessing weak skills with numbers - or more specifically my lack of motivation to study the subject - did almost destroy my chances at graduating from lukio. I still made it, but only to find out that getting in to almost every Finnish university or a similar school I'd be interested in requires the applicant to be a genius mathematician. Even when the subject doesn't involve much or any number-crunching at all.
And with no education, I'll be stuck in dead end jobs like the one I'm currently in, with no hope for a raise, let alone a promotion.

Was he right?

Should I just kill myself now, instead of wasting society's resources for the duration of my life as a B-class human being?

Hell no.

I simply refuse to believe that there is neither hope nor future for people like myself. Maybe I should make my goal of life to disprove the old man's theory.
Then again, why bother? I for one don't measure the quality of my existence by $$$ alone. For 21.5 years, I have been a happy individual without the big bucks.

Just let me go on being ignorant.
I'm sure I can survive.